Debt Collections Transformation in Indonesia

Credgenics’ AI/ML-powered SaaS debt collections and resolution platform for banks, MFCs, and lending fintechs in Indonesia makes debt collections future ready, faster, and cost-efficient. Credgenics is your trusted partner in enabling prompt and efficient debt repayments from borrowers.


Credgenics platform offerings for debt collections in Indonesia

Credgenics, an AFPI member, offers a holistic debt recovery SaaS platform. Credgenics offers  award-winning integrated collections technology, that provides lenders with all the necessary capabilities through a single platform, easily integrated via APIs into the lender’s ecosystem.

Our Offerings

Digital Collections

Credgenics Collections Platform helps lenders leverage advanced technologies like AI and ML for efficient borrower contact strategies.


ChatR is a comprehensive two-way chat solution on WhatsApp that enables collectionsTeams to engage more effectively with borrowers through verified business accounts.

CG Collect Field Collections App

CG Collect is an advanced technology solution for door-to-door loan recoveries that enables lenders to completely digitize their on-field loan collections leading to higher operational efficiencies, enhanced team productivity, and boosted collections.

Predictive Dialer and Calling

Credgenics Dialer offers automated cloud-based calling where the borrower’s numbers aremasked and the caller’s tone and Language is monitored through call recordings availableon the platform.

Digital Communications

Credgenics Collections Platform offers fully automated and digitized and omni-channel borrower communication capabilities throughout the loan collections life cycle.


StarTrack is a comprehensive performance management system that provides flexible frameworks for field collector’s performance measurement and evaluation to the collections team leaders and supervisors. With real-time insights into field collectors’ activities such as ‘VisitTrails Submitted’, ‘Collections Marked’, ‘POS Recovered’,‘Calls Attempted’, and ‘Percentage Resolutions,’StarTrack enables lending companies to efficiently track the collections team’s performance.

Collections Analytics

With Credgenics Collections Analytics, segment borrowers by risk for a targeted outreach strategy. The ML-driven predictive analytics prioritizes responsive channels for outreach based on borrower profiles and helps lenders Identify key metrics for optimization with real-time insights.

Billzy Payments

Billzy, a distinctive web platform by Credgenics, empowers lenders to offer their loan borrowers simpler, faster, and more secure digital payment options.

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Optimize debt collections with Credgenics Collections Platform

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Efficient Debt Collection

Streamline the debt collection process, increasing efficiency by automate tasks, minimize manual efforts, and reduce errors with AI/ ML powered collections.

Automated Workflows and Smart Analytics

Handle a larger volume of cases effectively. Improves debt assessment accuracy with AI-driven data analysis and prioritize cases for optimal recovery.

Compliance Assurance

Maintain compliance with debt collection regulations by incorporating built-in compliance checks and audit trails. The debt collection practices align with local regulations and laws in Indonesia.


Accommodate smaller or larger portfolios of debt making it suitable for organizations with varying levels of debt collection needs.

Digitizing debt collections for a multi-finance company

Discover how the Credgenics Collections Platform revolutionized the collections strategy for an Indonesian Multi-finance Institution (MFI). With a focus on digitization and leveraging Machine Learning insights, the platform automated the collections process for 30,000 2-wheeler loan accounts.

With Credgenics debt collections platform, the MFI witnessed remarkable results:

✪ 25% boost in agent productivity
✪ 2X increase in daily average field collections
✪ 20% reduction in communication costsExplore the success story of streamlined collections in the Indonesian MFI sector.

Our Credentials 


lenders including Banks, NBFCs, FinTechs and MFIs


Increase in field agent’s productivity


Increase in resolution rates


Reduction in collections cost


Recovery across delinquent accounts


Reduction in time to collect

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Credgenics safe for Debt collections in Indonesia?

Credgenics prioritizes data security and confidentiality, ensuring that sensitive borrower information is protected. Lenders can continuously monitor the debt collection process and ensure that it aligns with their ethical standards and objectives. The debt collection practices align with local regulations and laws in Indonesia. The platform provides a comprehensive policy framework for implementing  DND, Frequency and Daytime Controls, and Date Exclusion. Credgenics masks the borrower-related personal information by data privacy laws. Hence it is safe for debt collections.

How long does Credgenics take to onboard customers on the platform?

Credgenics understands the complexity of adoption—and our dedicated support team will guide you through the entire process. It usually takes clients a month to take off with the software on their own!

What are the advantages of using the Credgenics Debt Collections Platform?

Credgenics Platform offers Indonesian Multi-finance companies and banks several advantages, including improved efficiency, reduced operational costs, and increased recovery rates. Credgenics also optimizes workflows and enhances overall collections performance.

How does Credgenics address language and cultural diversity in Indonesia?

Credgenics debt collections technology in Indonesia includes features to address language and cultural diversity. The platform can send communications in Bahasa and English along with the field debt collections app CG Collect’s interface available in Bahasa. This ensures a personalized approach tailored to the diverse Indonesian population.

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