Litigation Management System 

Unlock efficiencies in legal recovery processes and accelerate collections with Credgenics Litigation Management System (LMS). It enables lenders to boost debt recoveries and enhance collaboration among legal and debt collections teams.
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Drive team collaboration with centralized management

Streamline legal processes, approve matters, bill vendors, maintain data, and document cases centrally
Digitize debt collections litigation workflows in sections, including 138, arbitration, SARFAESI, IBC, RDB & FI, consumer, and civil matters
Review bulk requests, approval, and escalations through a user-friendly interface
Avail automatic case tracking with e-court integration and share reminders based on court updates
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Automate billing and vendor management

Allocate, manage, and update advocates and publication vendors from one platform
Monitor invoices and billing of vendor activity
from the platform 
Manage, schedule, and customize the MIS reports, billing, ageing, progress, and other regulatory reports 

Deploy proactive and targeted
legal strategies

Customize litigation workflows for legal, business,
and internal processes 
Track pendency, advocate performance, costs,
and recovery rates
Conduct regulatory audits with an audit
trail of case activities
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Dashboard mockup

Manage legal notices and communications

Automate generation, dispatch, and tracking of digital and physical notices based on predefined workflows
Get instant access to Proof of  Dispatch (PoDs) for physical notices
Customize notice drafts in vernacular languages 
Embed the QR code / payment link in notices

Resolving operational challenges for the legal
collections team

Comprehensive solution providing a holistic approach to optimize efficiency

Intuitive user interface with easy navigation and a seamless experience

Cutting-edge tech for accessing the latest in legal collections innovation

Extensive case audit trail to streamline regulatory compliance

Our Credentials

Micro Finance Company
Increase in legal process efficiency
Banks, NBFCs, Fintech lenders, and ARCs
Digital Lending Company
Advocates using the platform 
Reduction in time spent on case and vendor billing management
Credit Card Company
Improvement in legal recovery performance

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Credgenics Litigation Management System, is a leading and advanced solution that offers a comprehensive 360-degree strategic and data-driven approach to optimize litigation tracking, reporting, and analysis for recoveries.



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