We found a problem with the lending industry that we just couldn't ignore.

So we decided to solve it.

Credgenics Founders

Our Story

It started when our founders had a first-hand look at how lenders in developed economies used technology to streamline collections.

But we looked back to India, everything was done manually, or with the help of outdated software that just wasn't built to handle collections. NPA rates were soaring.

Loan management software were more focussed on underwriting, while debt recollected relied on aggressive agents, phone calls that never connected, and long legal battles.

We had seen the impact improved collections could make—not just for lenders, but for the economy. We knew fixing loan recovery could transform lending.

Somebody had to solve the problem. And we had the exact experience and skillset to do so. That's why we built Credgenics.

Since then, we've helped over 60 lending companies improve their collection rates by 15-20%, and recover 70-95% of their bad debts.

Meet The Team

We've built an amazing team of experts from legal, tech, investment and banking backgrounds to tackle debt recollection in the most effective, most efficient way.

We're expanding our team. Let's make a difference, together.

We're here to make collections scalable and reduce NPAs.

We're harnessing the power of technology and data driven analytics to combat the exponentially growing Non Performing Assets in the Indian Economy.

Clients first

Our software is built upon constant research and collaboration with our clients. We want to create a solution that is perfect for you—so we're always learning and putting ourselves in your shoes.

Never give up

We're dedicated to finding new and better ways to do things—and we don't stop until we achieve our goals.

Every individual counts

We believe every single individual has the potential to make an impact on the economy. Every person is a meaningful part of the bigger picture.

Making the world a little more financially inclusive, one step at a time

We want Credgenics to help with ramping up the speed of financial inclusion, so that every person who genuinely needs credit has access to it.

For the lender and the borrower.

We want to help you recover your bad debts without harassing the borrower. Find the perfect strategies that make collections faster and treat the borrower fairly.

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