Partnership options

We cover every stage of the recovery process and collection cycle i.e from instance of default to litigation stage and till settlement of dues. We offer one stop Solution for complete cycle of debt recovery management. Here are the available partnership options.

Saas Platform

SaaS Platform

Inbuilt communication and payment modules for faster collections
Machine Learning based intelligence to optimise collection
MIS Reporting & Reconcilliation simplified, on demand billing
Speed post tracking for filing cheque dishonour cases
Automated Notices and Case Drafting
Reduced overheads and enhanced performance
Data fully secured with AWS
Regular Notifications and daily case reminders
saas platform
Legal Services

Collection & Legal Services

API Integration for smooth allocation of cases
We deploy multiple recovery strategies across all buckets
We leverage our strong network of Advocates for Mediation
Assistance in strategising and restructuring of debts
Technology with a network of Collection Partners
Regular and Timely Reports
Time-bound resolution coupled with highly efficient services
No arbitrary or overhead costs
legal services


A combination of your existing collection agencies and teams supplemented by our network and our platform.

You're one step away from painless, faster collections.

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