Billzy Payments - Digital payment platform for supercharged debt collections

Enable borrowers to make digital loan payments and other online bill payments swiftly, securely, and easily with Billzy, a unique web and mobile payments platform. Empower your collections team with an integrated digital debt payment process, and provide hassle free bill settlements for borrowers.
Mobile Payment Platform for Debt Collections

Transform borrower’s digital loan repayment experience

View payment history, and manage and pay bills online without any difficulty.

Reduce the time and effort required to create and send invoices.

Integrate seamlessly with other loan recovery functions including Notices, CG Collect, SMS, Email, WhatsApp and IVR.

Share personalized, white-labelled and automatically populated loan repayment links.

Track online bill and real-time payments

Get real-time payment updates and transaction status for loans.

Track collections teams’ performance with inbuilt reporting tools.

Leverage interactive dashboards for data-driven insights on borrowers’ transaction status.

Control loan repayment settings by editing and paying the partial or complete amount.

Streamline payment reconciliations and debt settlements 

Accurately match bills and reduce probability of discrepancy with automated payment reconciliation process.

Set reminders for upcoming loan repayments, and keep track of outstanding repayments.

Expedite repayments in just 3 clicks with support for UPI, debit card, and net banking.

Manage the entire loan management system from the CG debt collections platform.

Deliver safe transactions with superior security

SSL encryption and two-factor authentication to protect borrower data and transactions.

PCI DSS compliant with encrypted and secure cardholder information.

Mobile Payment Platform for Debt Collections

Mandatory OTP-based verification to allow authorized link access.

Send white-labelled communications to borrowers to minimize chargeback & spam.

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The all-in-one payments app for fast and efficient digital
loan repayments

Facilitate timely repayments to help borrowers maintain their credit scores

Remove payment delays and improve cash flow for businesses

Reduce transaction fees as compared to traditional payment modes

Provide access via webpage, Progressive Web App (PWA) and PlayStore

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of digital payments for debt collections?

Digital payment methods, such as IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, UPI, QR scan are available on the Billzy payments platform. Lenders encourage borrowers to go digital as it makes processes faster, easier with collections, payment reconciliation and reporting.

What are the advantages of digital payments for loan collections?

Digital payments for loan collections provide convenience, efficiency, and security, allowing borrowers to make online payments at any time and from anywhere, while streamlining operational processes. Enhanced security measures protect the financial and personal information, and digital transaction records aid in tracking payments end-to-end. Additionally, digital payments can be easily tailored to borrowers' preferences. 

What are the disadvantages of digital payments for debt collections?

Digital payments for debt collections include disadvantages such as limited access, particularly for borrowers in remote or underserved areas, potential technical challenges, and concerns about security and privacy. Transaction fees can also be a concern, adding to the overall cost of debt collections. 

How can I set up Billzy digital payments on my device?

Borrowers can setup recurring auto-debits for themselves through Nach and get reminders along with auto-debit transactions to reduce the hassle in repayments. Billzy can be accessed via via the webpage or mobile app .The borrower can create an account on billzy with registered mobile number, name, and select the payments to make via the platform.

Can I make international payments using Billzy digital payments?

As of now, this facility is not available via the Billzy Platform.

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