Debt recovery doesn't have to be complicated.

Simplify your loan resolution processes with an end-to-end platform that helps you increase your collection rate up to 15-20%. Make collections faster and better with Credgenics.

Debt Recovery ServicesDebt Resolution PlatformCollection Platform
Collection Platform
recollection strategies
AI-driven recollection strategies
Recovery Experts
Access to recovery experts
Legal Dunning
Legal dunning
Resolution Time
Reduce resolution time by 20 days

Trusted collections software for over 40 banks & NBFCs

Do you have a tower of bad debts that's always threatening to collapse?

Your current debt recovery systems are siloed and inefficient.

Your agents are spending ages on low-value, complicated loan accounts instead of focussing on high-priority borrowers.

Your teams are sifting through excel sheets to find information—and still failing to achieve a good promise-to-pay rate.

You have no clue if your legal team is driving results or when your next clearing date is.

Debt Recovery
Debt Recovery Services

If you want to scale your operations, you need a powerful, unified system to streamline your collections and reduce your NPAs.

Make collections simpler & faster

Achieve 15-20% higher resolution rates with Credgenics.

Automate communications

Create templates and automate emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages and voice messages for different segments of your borrowers.

Make collection calls that get results

Prioritize accounts that have a greater chance of getting paid, follow-up on time and track every call.

Make feet-on-street efficient

Get your field executives on the Credgenics app and find locations easily using our Google Maps integrations.

Send & track legal notices effortlessly

Draft legal notices automatically using technology and track all digital and physical notices in one single dashboard.

Get the best legal experts on the case

Automate your legal workflow, get easy access to the recovery specialists and manage all your cases efficiently.

Know your numbers

See which agent is delivering results, know the gaps in your collections process and track every metric that matters.

Bad Debt Recovery

Keep all borrower information at your fingertips.

Upload your entire portfolio to Credgenics via excel or by integrating our API into your system.

View all borrower details, other loans the applicant has, missed EMIs and recovery history, collection status, etc. in one snapshot.

Never forget to follow-up on promises to pay ever again.

Call your allocated accounts from within the platform, schedule reminders for follow-ups and log each call.

Don't trouble borrowers with unnecessary follow-ups once they've processed the repayment. Mark accounts as paid automatically.

Make it personal.

Break down your borrowers by category and get a PTP.

Segment your borrowers based on priority, loan amount, DPD, recovery status, loan type and other filters.

Allocate loan accounts to the right agents automatically based on pre-set rules, and improve performance.

Field Executive

Boost productivity. Get your field agents up-to-date with the mobile app.

Let your field agents navigate to the borrowers’ locations easily using the Google maps integration on the Credgenics mobile app. Integrated in-app calling facility to reach out to borrowers quickly.

Mark the status of repayment instantly, set collection limits per agent and auto sync with core Credgenics platform.

Access legal notices sent to borrowers on the go.

LocationLoan Recovery Platform
Stay in the loop.

Track your cases, get reminders and make mediation less chaotic.

Track Section 138, Arbitration and SARFAESI cases in real time, know which stage each case is in and get reminders for your hearing dates.

Recovery PlatformDebt Recovery Services

Get a complete run-down of your collections performance with visual reports.

Know your best performing agents, your collection rate, your DPD-wise performance, total loan amounts recovered, most effective emails and more with detailed analytics.

Build custom reports and strengthen your collections processes.

Monitor all borrower activity and make debt-collection customer-friendly.

See a timeline of all borrower communication, payments, tasks and responses in one screen. Customize your collection strategies, increase your resolution rates and give your customers a stress-free experience.


Get the best dispute resolution professionals on your side.

Make collections faster with a marketplace of 2200+ financial dispute resolution professionals including lawyers, mediators and arbitrators.

Give your partners all the borrower information they need to personalise their pitch and get results.

Recovery Platform
Skip Tracing

Don't let debtors pull a no-show on you. Locate borrowers with tech driven skip-tracing.

Track borrowers who have relocated and help them pay off their dues before their CIBIL score is affected.

Find debtors using social media, alternate email IDs and phone numbers with our skip-tracing functionality.

No other solution can fix the gaps in your debt resolution workflows.

Spreadsheets and manual work

Are inefficient, error-prone and cost you productivity.

Recollection agencies

Are expensive and hurts the customer experience.

Other software

Only solve one part of your process and don't get all stakeholders on the same page.

Are you sure you want to stick with your current systems when a better, advanced alternative exists?

Zero visibility
Huge admin overhead
Low-resolution rates
Long recovery cycles
Hours of manual work
Lost customers

Put communication breakdowns behind you. Pick up the pace on debt recovery with Credgenics.

Increase resolutions by 15-20%
Cut 20 days from your resolution cycles
Grow your collection amount by 10%
Spend 9% less on collections
Scale your operations, without doubling costs
Get a 5x return on investment, guaranteed

Built for lenders, big or small.

Micro Finance Company
Micro-Finance Company
Digital Lending Company
Digital Lending Company
Credit Card Company
Credit Card Company

We don't just make promises. We've got proof.

Vikas Kumar CO Loantap

"We are glad to have partnered with Credgenics. The turnaround time on collections and legal processes like sending notices and tracking them has come down significantly.
The platform works seamlessly and the customer support has been prompt for all training and onboarding."

Arindam Das

“Credgenics platform offers very strong value proposition to high volume lenders like us via its strong automation and data analytics capabilities which digitises the entire collections workflow and removes manual interaction wherever possible.

The team has done a great job in such a short span of time.”

Vikas Kumar
Co-founder, LoanTap
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