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Make collections simpler & faster

Achieve 20% higher resolution rates

Automate communications

Create templates and automate emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages and voice messages for different segments of your borrowers.

ML-based models to predict borrower behaviour

Prioritize accounts that have a greater chance of getting paid, follow-up on time and track every call.

Increase field agent productivity

CG Collect mobile debt collections app is enabled with geo-tagging, route map planning, deposit validations, offline update and much more.

Send & track legal notices effortlessly

Draft legal notices automatically using technology and track all digital and physical notices in one single dashboard.

Get the best legal experts on the case

Automate your legal workflow, get easy access to the recovery specialists and manage all your cases efficiently.

Track agents performance

See which agent is delivering results, know the gaps in your collections process and track every metric that matters.

Bad Debt Recovery
Policy control

Policy controls and
data security in communications

Credgenics collections platform ensures compliance with all the requisite regulatory requirements encompassing communications across digital channels, field and calling teams.

The platform provides a comprehensive policy framework for implementing  DND, Frequency and Daytime Controls, and Date Exclusion.Credgenics masks the borrower-related personal information in accordance with data privacy laws.

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Loan Recovery Platform

Keep all borrower information at your fingertips

Upload your entire portfolio to Credgenics via excel, SFTP or by integrating our API into your system.

View all borrower details, other loans the applicant has, missed EMIs and recovery history, collection status, etc. in one snapshot.

Never forget to follow-up on promises to pay ever again

Call your allocated accounts from within the platform, schedule reminders for follow-ups and log each call.

Don't trouble borrowers with unnecessary follow-ups once they've processed the repayment. Mark accounts as paid automatically.

Break down your borrowers by category and get a PTP

Segment your borrowers based on priority, loan amount, DPD, recovery status, loan type and other filters.

Allocate loan accounts to the right agents automatically based on pre-set rules, and improve performance.

Field Executive

Boost productivity. Get your field agents up-to-date with the mobile app

Let your field agents navigate to the borrowers’ locations easily using the Google maps integration on the Credgenics mobile app. Integrated in-app calling facility to reach out to borrowers quickly.

Enable field agents to collect better with the multilingual CG Collect app available in 22+ Indian languages along with Bahasa and Vietnamese.

Mark the status of repayment instantly, set collection limits per agent and auto sync with core Credgenics platform.

Access legal notices sent to borrowers on the go.

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LocationLoan Recovery Platform

Anytime anywhere digital loan repayments with DIY web and mobile platform

Enable borrowers to pay their bills securely across multiple payment modes with mandatory OTP-based verification. Allow lenders to generate payment links instantly and reconcile transactions in real time.

Set-up recurring auto-debit through Billzy via the NACH mandate for monthly loan repayments on the due date. Integrate seamlessly with other loan recovery functions including Notices, Mobile Collections App, SMS, Email, WhatsApp and IVR.

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Loan Recovery Platform

Get a complete summary of your debt collections performance with visual reports.

Know your best performing agents, your collection rate, your DPD-wise performance, total loan amounts recovered, most effective emails and more with detailed analytics.

Build custom reports and strengthen your collections processes.

Monitor all borrower activity and make debt-collection customer-friendly.

See a timeline of all borrower communication, payments, tasks and responses in one screen. Customize your collection strategies, increase your resolution rates and give your customers a stress-free experience.

Bridge gaps in debt resolution framework with technology

Digitize collections processes

to make informed decisions and enhance productivity.

Adopt faster and streamlined processes

to reduce costs and improve the borrower experience.

Integrate collections across teams

to drive efficiencies and boost outcomes

Manage end-to-end retail collections and debt resolution processes

Increase digital resolutions
Have insights-driven engagements with borrowers 
Enable superior compliance and security 
Reduce communications costs
Boost efficiencies & unlock higher performances
Implement faster and get responsive support

Accelerate debt recoveries through data, digital and dignity with Credgenics.

80% Recovery across delinquent accounts
5X Return on Investment
20% Increase in resolution rates
60% Increase in legal efficiencies 
40% Reduction in collections cost
30% Reduction in time to collect

Built for lenders, big or small.

Digital Lending Company
Digital Lending Company
Credit Card Company
Micro Finance Company
Micro-Finance Company
Read what our customers have to say

"Finnable has partnered with Credgenics to strengthen the debt management capabilities. The comprehensive one stop platform and the in-depth modules have been a key differentiator in driving and supporting robust collections operations. Credgenics’ functional expertise helps in catering to the requirements swiftly and enhancing the borrower experience as a whole, to support our business priorities."

Sajan Hegde
Chief Collections & Fraud Control Officer, Finnable

Working with Credgenics has been an amazing experience.We have had a complete visibility of collections activities on the portfolio. Billzy has enabled us to manage the collections digital payments more seamlessly. Credgenics digital communications capability has helped us integrate and digitize our borrower outreach across multiple channels bringing in higher efficiency, enhanced visibility and better customer experience. The support at Credgenics has been very good with regular engagements and swift resolutions. We are delighted with the overall experience with Credgenics and looking forward to more innovations coming our way.

Anil Gelra
Co-founder, Snapmint

" Being a part of the digital lending industry, Indifi’s crucial need for a seamless loan collection process has been supported by Credgenics, through its innovative tech stack. Using Credgenics’ tech platform we have seen significant improvements in various processes such as caller productivity tracking by emphasizing on timely calls to customers, tracking customer behavioral patterns through previous feedback trails, monitoring field team movement through documented photographs of customer visits via the CG app, digitizing and ramping up our legal processes as well as enabling the supervisors to access desired reports in just a matter of few clicks. Helping us effectively manage the collections process, Credgenics is surely a reliable partner."

Sachin Hans
Head of Collections- Indifi

"Credgenics has helped us digitize and optimize our loan collections journey. It acts as a single point for managing and tracking recoveries from post-due customers, with deep insights on call efficiency and efficacy. We have improved our collections tremendously with the help of Credgenics' platform. It provides transparency in calling operations, adds visibility in borrower response to communications, and enhances the customer experience. The addition of digital notices has improved our team's productivity and reduced the cost of collections. Our requirement for a robust, future-ready, and easy-to-use collections platform has been adequately addressed by Credgenics."

K M Cariappa
Head Backend Operations - Davinta Financial Services Pvt Ltd

“Credgenics platform offers very strong value proposition to high volume lenders like us via its strong automation and data analytics capabilities which digitises the entire collections workflow and removes manual interaction wherever possible.The team has done a great job in such a short span of time.”

Vikas Kumar
Co-founder, LoanTap

"Credgenics has really helped us make our collection process a lot more efficient. Since partnering with them, we have had full visibility on the loan collection process and with them, we don't have to ever worry about non-compliance from their end which gives us a peace of mind. Credgenics has also provided us with insights into the collection process which has helped us select the right kind of borrowers, thus, helping improve our overall NPA and underwriting process. We were able to increase our collection by 15% after getting on board with Credgenics in our DPD 90+ Bucket."

Aarav Bhatia
Co-Founder, Pocketly

“Our lending model relies heavily on using specialized algorithms to identify, assess and serve our customers across rural India. Credgenics’ CG Collect platform is expected to complement our capabilities in implementing robust digital processes across the collections business value chain”.

Sameer Mishra
Co-Founder & ED, Sarvagram

 “One of our key transformation agendas is to build and engage a diverse set of customer segments and gain efficiency in collections with sustainable solutions. The objective is to deliver a seamless CX at every stage including repayments, which Credgenics will facilitate. I am confident that this association will be a win-win for both the partners”.

Raul Rebello
Chief Operating Officer, Mahindra Finance

“With changing times, there is a perceptible change in customer behaviour and expectations. With the help of Credgenics we will deploy potent capabilities in providing customer self-service solutions and phygital /assisted solutions; further reducing our costs and strengthening our overall collection efficacy”.

Ramesh Iyer
Vice Chairman & Managing Director

“I would like to extend my thanks to the Credgenics team for their utmost efforts to set up the process of Litigal. Now, a new era has begun which is called ‘LITIGAL’, a unique form of Legal + Digital. We adopted it at a very fast pace through Credgenics and implemented the way of legal in Digital.This will definitely set up a new precedent in IIFL Finance while we move forward with a 100% digital hybrid model.”

Sandeep K Rajput
Head Legal Recoveries, IIFL Finance

"We are glad to have partnered with Credgenics. The turnaround time on collections and legal processes like sending notices and tracking them has come down significantly.The platform works seamlessly and the customer support has been prompt for all training and onboarding."

Arindam Das
CEO, DMI Finance

"It is widely acknowledged that debt recovery is a pain point for lenders across the industry and our issues were no different. To solve the same we got a helping hand from Credgenics platform and the client relationship maintained thereafter has been of immense help. It is important to recognise the personalisation that their Customer Service team provides, where with a dedicated Manager it is easier for us to get solutions to our specific problems."

Koustubh Bhagwat
SMEcorner, Vertical head

"Our partnership with Credgenics has been a delightful experience. Their robust collections technology platform has helped us automate and streamline our operations while providing a clear visibility to the processes across the portfolio. Our field agents have experienced an increase in recovery rates and our operational efficiency has gone up. We are happy with the overall experience and looking forward to exploring more with the innovative platform."

Prerna Bhasin
Vice President & Head of Collections, Arthmate
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