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Credgenics Founders
17 November, 2022

How AI helps tech win at financial debt collection by understanding humans better

21 Oct, 2022
5 Reasons Startups Need An HR
14 Oct, 2022
Harnessing AI for tailor-made debt collections to improve customer experiences and reduce NPAs
11 Oct, 2022
IIFL Finance digitizes loan collections with Credgenics technology platform
04 Oct, 2022
Home, hybrid, or office? How are employers responding to the post-WFH scenario
19 Sep, 2022
Addressing a key pain point in financial services – Rishabh Goel, Co-founder and CEO of Credgenics
20th Sep, 2022
Borrower-focused loan recovery models most efficient: Credgenics  
12 Sep, 2022
Menbuah Wajah Penagihan Utang Ala Credgenics
15 Aug, 2022
Big Idea: Removing aggression from the debt- recovery equation could reduce banks’ NPAs
6 Aug, 2022
Credgenics launches Digital Collections Technology Platform in Indonesia
2 Aug, 2022
Companies use NLP-based sentiment analysis to source intelligence
26 July , 2022
Indian fintechs find sweet spot in SEA market
21 July, 2022
How HR leaders can minimise the risk of losing hired candidates
19 July, 2022
Mahindra Finance to boost its Digital Collections with Credgenics
6 July, 2022
‘SaaS’ing the loan recovery game
6 june, 2022
How Credgenics ‘SaaS’ed the lenders loan recovery and resolution game
28 june, 2022
Convergence of financial services & exponential technologies to create a strong digital economy: Anand Agarwal, Credgenics
23 june, 2022
Credgenics wins the #1 Best Selling Loan Collections Platform position in IBS Intelligence Sales League Table 2022
14 June, 2022
How technology is transforming debt collections in rural markets
9 June, 2022
Rising Inflation, Increased Indebtedness And Falling Wages Hit Rural India Hard
7 June, 2022
The significance of AI in HR
6 June, 2022
Credgenics Announces Expansion In Its Core Leadership Team
15 May, 2022
“Adoption of digital transactions by end customers provides a unique chance for lenders” says Rishabh Goel
09 May, 2022
Learning to Live with Fintech
5 May, 2022
Five Entrepreneurs Who Started Small And Created A Benchmark For Others
7 April, 2022
SarvaGram implements Credgenics' SaaS platform to digitize loan collections in rural India
17 February, 2022
The devil in retail: The consumer financing business is showing signs of heightened stress and may attract closer scrutiny by the central bank
01 February, 2022
Credgenics Wins NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award; placed in League of 10
29 January, 2022
Budget 2022: Here's what India Inc is wishing for
3 December, 2021
Debt resolution startup Credgenics expands leadership in pace with its exponential growth
2 December, 2021
Fintech Industry – A Future Skills Perspective
21 February, 2021
How this Delhi-based startup uses AI to streamline legal workflows of fintech firms.
29 October, 2020
Exclusive: Loan Recovery SaaS Startup Credgenics Bags Seed Round From Accel, Others
15 July, 2020
Credgenics Startup Story: SaaS-enabled Debt Recovery Platform
6 July, 2020
CredGenics: How this debt resolution platform is combining power of AI with data science to help banks, NBFCs
17 May, 2020
Exclusive: Debt Resolving Startup Credgenics In Talks To Raise $25Mn In Series A Round
12 April, 2020
FinTech start-up Credgenics looks to raise Series-A funding of $25 million

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