Digital Debt Collections

Futuristic processes powered with automation, AI, and analytics 
Supercharge your digital debt collections with completely automated borrower journeys powered by AI and insights from Machine Learning models
digital debt collections

Make collections digital-first 

Increase digital debt collections and resolutions with a proactive, non-intrusive approach to debt management
Deploy omnichannel communications via SMS, email, WhatsApp, IVR, and calling
Measure the effectiveness of multiple digital channels
Share single-click personalized payment links to expedite digital loan repayments
Monitor quality and  ensure compliance with data privacy and regulatory frameworks
Dashboard mockup
digital debt collections

Add actionable insights into Collections

Deploy AI-powered, agile, scalable, and efficient digital debt collections
Utilize ML models for recoverability and reachability scores of borrowers
Leverage Credgenics' consultative approach for digital contactability across the 5 levers of digital communication Channel, Language, Content, Intensity, and Time of communications.
Align campaign strategy with risk and language-based segmentation

Identify the most appropriate mode of collections 

Build a trustworthy brand for your borrowers
Contact borrowers with region-specific SMS and Voice
message campaigns 
Gain real-time visibility of all interactions with borrowers
including call recordings on the CG Platform
Perform A/B testing and modify strategies to improve engagement with our campaign performance monitoring
digital debt collections
digital debt collections

Leverage the power of AI for automated outreach

Add the super-efficient man-machine model involving AI bots
Automate digital-first customer journey with AI-powered Voicebots
Post-call automatic follow-ups and with bots that can gauge willingness to pay
Align campaign strategy with risk and language-based segmentation
Derive contactability and conversion intelligence

Our Credentials

Micro Finance Company
Lenders including Banks, NBFCs, FinTechs and MFIs
Resolutions in pre-due stages
Digital Lending Company
Reduction in calling costs
 Digital communications sent per month
Credit Card Company
Increase in accuracy in intent capturing

A digital debt collections strategy unique to each
lender’s need

Increase digital debt resolutions. Minimize delinquencies, reduce default, and improve recoveries

Maximize RoI  with advanced ML-driven customer segmentation 

Improve borrower contact. Drive productive engagements with borrowers early in the collections cycle

Dedicated customer success managers for onboarding, and regular performances strategy reviews

Trending in Digital Debt Collections


Credgenics digital collections optimizes debt recovery operations and aligns them with borrower contact preferences. The solution powers lenders collections teams with advanced technologies like AI and ML for improving borrower contact strategies and digital debt resolutions.



In this video, Kavan Desai, Head of Digital Collections, Credgenics, describes the 5 levers for digital loan collections. He explains how digital debt collections capability provided by the market leading debt collections platform leverages machine learning to reduce the cost and time to collect


Case Study

Download this case study to know how a leading private bank in India maximized resolutions using Credgenics' omnichannel collections strategy. The bank achieved 92% increase in resolutions, 80% reduction in calling costs and 45% increase in response rate.



In our latest blog- Digital debt collections: Empowering the financial services ecosystem, read how An appropriate collections strategy based on the judicious deployment of technology and data-driven analytics is indispensable to improving resolution rates on stressed assets while reducing the underlying costs and time to collect



In our latest blog- Streamlining debt collections through digital payments, read how the FinTech investment landscape in India has undergone a significant transformation. Despite challenges in fresh funding, the FinTech industry is evolving rapidly, continuing to harness technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and ML


Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital debt collections?

Digital debt collections comprise a comprehensive, data-centric and analytics-driven process that utilizes digital communication channels and conversational technology to contact borrowers regarding their outstanding debt repayments. This approach differs from more traditional methods, such as in-person visits, telephone calls, or mail, as it tailors communications based on borrowers' language, channel preference, timing, and messaging intensity.

Why should lenders adopt digital debt collections?

Lenders should adopt digital debt collections due to their cost-effectiveness, speed, and ability to deliver an exceptional borrower experience. Digital communications is deployed to send borrowers personalized payment links, ensuring security and trustworthiness. It eliminates the need for physical cash collection centers. Digital debt collections mitigate the complexities and potential operational inefficiencies associated with teams handling large volumes of cash daily.

What debts can be collected through Digital Debt Collections?

Digital debt collections encompass various types of debt, including credit cards, automobile loans, personal loans, business loans, and student loans. The digital debt collections process is usually initiated for pre-delinquent, early delinquent and DPD+30 cases, but can be adapted as per customers’ collections strategy needs. 

How does Credgenics digital debt collections work?

Credgenics digital debt collections offers of a tailored digital collections strategy and framework unique to each customer, basis advanced AI/ML models. Digital Debt Collections consists of risk segmentation, bounce rate prediction, and data-driven insights across the five key elements of digital communication: Channel, Language, Content, Intensity, and Timing. Based on "3C" principle: Contact, Connect, and Collect, we leverage an omnichannel communication approach with SMS, E-mail, WhatsApp, IVR, chatbots, and Voicebots to achieve industry-leading contact rates. 

What are the benefits of digital debt collections?

Banks, NBFCs, FinTech lenders, and ARCs partnering with Credgenics have seen a significant reduction in bounce rates and achieved up to 90% resolution rates in pre-due stages. Credgenics offers an automated digital-first borrower journey, smart operational reports, ML models for recoverability, and AI-driven multilingual bots for efficient debt collections. Our tailored collection method recommendations based on borrower segmentation, language, timing, and communication intensity enable effective strategizing of tele-calling, field operations, and legal actions, enhancing operational efficiency, reducing collection costs, and optimizing team utilization.

What are the applications of conversational AI in digital debt collections? 

Conversational AI including smart and multilingual chatbots and voicebots use Natural Language Processing to understand borrower requirements and then respond appropriately. Unlike human agents, AI chatbots and voicebots can deal with multiple conversations simultaneously, which increases efficiency levels without needing to add more staff. The conversational AI can be used for the following purposes:
1. Generation of payment links
2. Scheduling follow-ups (PTP) with borrowers
3. Capturing reasons for delay
4. Gauge willingness to payRouting borrower queries to live human-agent

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