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Automate, digitize and rapidly scale the debt collections related omni-channel communications to get higher response rates, speedy debt resolutions, and reduced cost of operations. Identify the best channel, frequency, tonality and timing for borrower reachout as per the risk category with Credgenics digital communications solution for loan recovery.
digital communications solutions

Transform debt collections engagements
with data-driven, omni-channel communications

Hyper-personalize campaigns across multiple channels

Use digital channels including SMS, email, chat, voice assistants, and automated outbound IVR responses 
Block interactions on borrowers marked DNC, irrespective of their resolution status
Share personalized payment links in real-time across channels
Masked emails and mobile numbers  in communication report to maintain borrower privacy 

Leverage automated and scalable digital communications for loan recovery

Identify repeat customers across portfolios and clients
Automation intelligence to schedule campaigns on borrower segments
Allow frequency capping on various channels to avoid spamming 
Receive SMS and Email notifications with relevant analytics after campaign completion

Insightful reporting with real-time dashboards

Monitor the current status of execution, on the CG platform
Get real-time performance insights into channel/template of communication, timestamp, and campaign source
Track clicks on all links sent via via digital communications solution for loan recovery
Dashboard mockup
digital communications solutions

Boost performance with AI Voicebots and Chatbots

Send gentle payment reminders in multiple languages
Enable contextualized borrower conversations with custom flows and custom calling scripts
Design restrictions around timing and frequency of reach out based on weekday and channel. 

Our Credentials

Micro Finance Company
Lenders across India and South East Asia
Resolutions in pre-due stages
Digital Lending Company
Reduction in time to collect
 Digital communications sent per month
Credit Card Company
Savings in human calling agent cost

Adopt personalized digital campaigns that are compliant, borrower-friendly and high performing

Boost efficiencies while unlocking higher performance rates

Increase collections and transform customer experience

Standardize processes while ensuring regulatory compliance

Adopt multilingual approach for all Indian regional languages and Bahasa across all channels 

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Credgenics digital communications optimizes omnichannel borrower outreach across the collections lifecycle. The solution enables accelerated debt recoveries with higher customer connects by deploying hyper-personalized campaigns spanning multiple channels.



In this video series “Shaping the future of Debt Collections”, Shubham Sikka, Senior Product Manager, Credgenics, shares his insights on how Credgenics uses AI / ML technologies to supercharge the efficiencies in omnichannel digital communications for collections and enhance borrower experience.


Case Study

Download this case study to know how one of India's largest private bank improved their collections with AI-powered Voicebots. The bank witnessed 40% higher engagement rate, 35% reduction in human calling costs and 25% reduction in collections time.


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