Boost Collections Performance with the power of ML and advanced debt collections analytics

Lenders and collections teams that use Credgenics debt collection analytics can enhance collections performance, meet their business objectives, and elevate borrower service standards. Embracing AI and ML-powered debt collections analytics enables the development of data-driven strategies that reduce costs, save time, and maximize outcomes.
debt collections analytics

Curate borrower experience and personalized communications

Reduce flow rates by determining communication channels that will yield most returns
Track real-time behaviour and feedback of the borrowers on all channels 
Strengthen the compliance processes with AI conversational engine, pre-approved templates of communications processes
Use data analytics to automate workflow and case allocation to agency & collections teams
loan collection analytics
loan collections analytics

Real-time insights from predictor tab 

Access the output of various metrics at different touch points and take appropriate action at the loan level
Gain an aggregated view across portfolios for improved benchmarking of collections
Optimise for Reach, React, and Response for higher rates of Resolutions
Enhance outreach effectiveness by optimizing timing, content, language, channels, and intensity

Collections maximization with AI / ML powered insights

Accurately segment borrowers by risk profile through a combination of data sources on Credgenics platform 
Distinguish delinquent customers requiring human contact from those responding to automated messaging or requiring no contact at all, with intent to pay prediction
Use bounce prediction and Recovery scores to optimize collections efforts
debt collection analytics

Boost Collections Performance with the power of ML and
advanced collections analytics 

Insights across the entire credit lifecycle, from early to late-stage collections

Cost-effective and risk-free experimentation with the data models

Integrated with CG platform for customized operational treatments

Deep domain expertise and digital-led execution strategy

Our Credentials

Banks, NBFCs, Fintech lenders, and ARCs
Micro Finance Company
Higher number of recoveries
Credit Card Company
Reduction in time to collect
Reduction in human calling efforts
Digital Lending Company
Higher value of recoveries

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Credgenics Collections Analytics leverages advanced Machine Learning (ML) capabilities for targeted collections strategies and boosting debt recoveries.



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This blog on Leveraging Analytics as the Game Changer in Loan Collections discusses the need for a debt-resolution solution based on analytics and data, focusing on borrower risk classification, channel prediction, and strategy optimization.


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