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Field debt collections revolutionized

Boost operational efficiencies and collections, and enhance team productivity, with mobile-based field debt collections app, designed for retail lending businesses and debt collections agencies.

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Monitor operations in real-time

Track your agents’ collections, remaining balance amount last marked location, and live location and take actions as required effortlessly.

Get complete visibility into the status of loan recovery across the collections cycle. Easily record and supervise collections by specifying the visit status, borrower meeting status, and recoveries. 

Loan Recovery Platform

Mitigate the risk of fraud with secured field debt collections

Checks and balances are embedded in the platform to detect fraud by agents or customers and ensure complete transparency in the workflow. Ascertain accurate recoveries by implementing mandatory verifications for manager approval before final submissions.

Geo-tracking the agent’s live location, and agents’ clock-in and clock-out times to manage work shifts. Mobile no. masking ensures customer privacy.

Loan Recovery Platform

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Micro Finance Company
Field collections end users  
Banks, NBFCs, Fintech Lenders, ARCs
Digital Lending Company
Reduction in the cost of collections
Increase in agent productivity
Credit Card Company
Increase in collections

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Empowering field debt collections with CG Collect app's seamless and digitized operations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are field debt collections?

Field debt collections refer to a specific approach used by Banks, NBFCs, lending Fintechs, and debt collections agencies to recover outstanding debts through physical outreach to borrowers. Unlike phone calls, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, or other forms of digital communications, field loan collections involve sending field agents directly to the borrower’s location, based on their registered address. These field agents are trained in negotiating and facilitating debt repayment in person. Overall, field loan collections are a valuable tool in the debt recovery process.

Which loan cases are suitable for field debt collections?

Field debt collections are typically employed for larger or more complex debt cases when other debt collections methods have proven ineffective or when the borrower has stopped responding to digital channels. Field loan collections encompass various types of delinquent debts, including credit cards, automobile loans, personal loans, business loans, student loans, and even unpaid utility and cell phone bills. The field debt collections process is usually initiated between the 30 DPD and 60 DPD buckets, where field efforts are combined with digital collections efforts to expedite loan collection rates.

What is the advantage of field loan collections?

Field debt collections offer the advantage of face-to-face contact with borrowers, enhancing understanding and enabling tailored repayment plans. However, it can be costly due to travel and personnel expenses. For challenging cases, settlements may be negotiated through the CG Collect Field Debt Collections app, which also provides access to notices for litigation collections.

How does CG Collect field debt collections app work?

Credgenics' platform lets collection managers assign loans to field agents manually or automatically based on predefined criteria, taking borrower proximity into account. The allocated cases appear on the CG Collect Mobile app for the agents.Agents can download the CG Collect Field Loan Collections mobile app via the Android Play Store. The login process is secured with Single-Factor Authentication (SFA) through a one-time onboarding process with central authorization. CG Collect supports the BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) model of operations.

In what ways can CG Collect assist lenders in assessing the effectiveness of their field loan collection operations?

The CG Collect app streamlines field loan collections and offers enhanced visibility through dashboards. Collection teams can monitor portfolios, assess agent performance, and access reports. Dashboards provide agent-level KPIs and metrics, aiding performance analysis and offline support. The app helps lenders track loans, allocations, recoveries, customer interactions, and operational efficiency in field debt collections.

How does CG Collect automate field loan collections operations for lenders?

CG Collect is a mobile app designed to digitze, streamline and automate the field debt collections process. It offers real-time updates and status sharing with managers via the platform and on the app. With CG Collect, collections teams gain visibility into their daily targets, allowing for effective recovery of loan payments. It also offers proximity-based account allocation through route map planning and the ability to record payment proofs. Agents can easily schedule visits and communicate digitally with borrowers using the CG Collect app. 

Is the CG Collect field loan collections app secure and compliant with regulatory mandates?

The app restricts agents from using unauthorized personal devices. Borrowers' mobile numbers are encrypted for privacy. Geo-fencing aids managers in tracking agent locations and loan recovery status. Verification measures like Opt-in verification of the recoveries, defined collections limit for each agent by the manager, OTP-based verification at deposit centres, mitigate any chances of fraud or incorrect entries. 

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