Credgenics launches Digital Collections Technology Platform in Indonesia

•Integrated collections technology platform to help lenders boost digital recoveries andsupport better access to credit
•AI and ML-powered platform to facilitate faster, more efcient, data-driven, andcustomer-centric collections

NEW DELHI, Aug. 3, 2022  -- Credgenics, the leading provider of loancollections and debt resolution SaaS-based technology solutions to banks, non-bankingnance, and FinTech lenders worldwide, announced today its expansion into Indonesia aspart of its next phase of growth. Indonesia marks the rm's foray into Southeast Asia (SEA)with a proven product and a deep understanding of the debt collections business beyondthe Indian demographic. Credgenics is focused to work closely with lending rms inIndonesia and help them digitize and automate their end-to-end collections processes.Credgenics is already working with over 75 lending companies in India to improve theircollection rates by 20 per cent and recover up to 80 per cent across delinquent accounts.The firm has a local team in place and will be further hiring and expanding its team based inIndonesia.

Commenting on the rm's Indonesia strategy, Rishabh Goel, Co-founder, and CEO of Credgenics said, "The collections segment in Indonesia has issues like those faced by lenders in India. The non-performing loans (NPLs) are high, and collections are managed with manual and archaic processes. However, the future of collections is digital, and data driven.

As the pioneer in technology-based debt collections, Credgenics has the right expertise to enable digital transformation of collections. Our foray into Indonesia cements our commitment to address the prevailing challenges in debt recoveries and the detrimental impact caused to the economies by the rising burden of bad loans. We are already working with some of the leading lenders in Indonesia and we are very excited by the response that we are getting."

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia, along with other countries in SEA, has seen the rise in non-performing loans (NPLs) and felt the urgency for digitization in collections. The uncertainties in the economies globally coupled with innovations in consumer lending and a differentiated customer experience is driving the demand for advanced technology solutions in collections.

Anand Agrawal, Co-founder, and CTO of Credgenics, said, "Indonesia is now ripe for technology-led disruption and Credgenics aims to add value to its customers with a digital-first and analytics-based approach. Our modular platform is available on a cloud setup based in Indonesia, which meets the local compliance needs and provides rapid scalability, business agility, and economies of scale. As part of its expansion, Credgenics is investing signicantly to set up its infrastructure and team in Indonesia focusing on Banks, Micro Finance Companies (MFCs), FinTech, and digital lending rms. We will also continue to add new innovative capabilities to the platform as per the business needs of lenders inIndonesia."

Credgenics offers an award-winning integrated collections platform that provides all capabilities to lenders through a single software including multi-channel digital communications, click-2-call auto-dialers, litigation management, physical and digital legal notices management, skip tracing, AI-powered predictor models for optimal collections strategy, eld collections mobile app CG Collect, Billzy digital payments, dashboards, and Machine Learning-based analytical models.

Hendra Rahman, Country Manager of Credgenics in Indonesia, commented, "We have partnered with System Integrators and Core Banking Solution (CBS) providers in Indonesia and aim to acquire more clients. We will consistently seek to enhance our platform to meet the end-to-end retail collections needs of banks and other non-banking lenders. Credgenics is determined to enrich our platform with unique capabilities for lenders to increase the effciency of their collections, enhance recovery rates and transform customer experiences."

Headquartered in India, the team currently consists of over 400 employees in India and Indonesia, with plans to grow its Indonesian team across various major functions such as the leadership team, customer success, human resource, technology, product, sales, and marketing in the coming months.

About Credgenics:
Credgenics is the leading provider of Loan Collections and Debt Resolution technology platform to Banks, Non-banking nance companies, FinTechs, and ARCs worldwide. The AI-powered SaaS-based platform has been recognized as the  #1 Best Selling Loan Collections Platform in India by IBS Intelligence in their Annual Sales League Table 2022. Credgenics works with 75+ customers and handles USD$2 bn NPA stage retail loan book value, USD$6bn delinquent stage retail loan book value. It manages 22 million retail loans and sends 50 million digital communications every month. With Credgenics, lenders have increased resolution rates by 20%, improved collections by 25%, reduced collections cost by 40%, reduced collections time by 30%, and improved legal efciencies by 60%.