SarvaGram implements Credgenics’ SaaS platform to digitize loan collections in rural India

• Digitizing loan collections to transform customer experience and extend financial inclusion
• Facilitating digital, faster, and cost-effective collections even in remote areas

New  Delhi/Mumbai,  05  April  2022: SarvaGram,  the  FinTech  lender  focused  on  rural  India,  is  digitizing  debt  collections  and  extending financial inclusion by implementing mobile based field loan collections platform – CG Collect – from Credgenics, the leading provider of SaaS based collections and debt-recovery technology platforms worldwide.  SarvaGram  is  a  pioneer  in  meeting  the  growing  aspirations  of  rural  India  and  extending  financial  inclusion  across  rural  markets  with  a bouquet  of  loan  product  offerings  through  its  tech  enabled  framework.  Credgenics’ mobile based  CG  Collect  platform  will  enable SarvaGram to digitize its loan collections to the last mile, monitor its field collections operations in real-time and transform end customer experience.

With  CG  Collect,  SarvaGram’s field teams in  rural  areas  will  handle  collections  activities  including  discovering  cases,  accessing  account details, planning their day, scheduling new visits and recording the outcomes with proofs in just a few clicks. SarvaGram will also provide digital receipts instantly to its borrowers against their loan amount repayments.  Usage of Credgenics’ platform CG Collect will improve field  collections,  boost  operational  efficiencies,  unlock  team  productivity,  and  eliminate  transactional  mistakes.  The  centralized  digital recording of collections transactions will remove the need for manual reconciliations, which are time-consuming and error prone.  

SarvaGram plans to rapidly expand the usage of CG Collect for its entire field collections operations across its 50 branches. The easy-to-use solution comes with map-based features including location tracking, smart route planning and navigation. The platform can function seamlessly with limited internet connectivity, thereby allowing digital operations even in remote areas.

Sameer Mishra, Co-founder and ED, SarvaGram, said, “Our lending model relies heavily on using specialized algorithms to identify, assess and serve our customers across rural India. Credgenics’ CG Collect platform is expected to complement our capabilities in implementing robust digital processes across the collections business value chain.”

Rishabh Goel, Co-founder and CEO, Credgenics, said, “We are proud to be associated with SarvaGram and highly appreciate their unique focus  on  leveraging  the  advancements  in  digital  and  analytics  technologies.  Our  CG  Collect  platform  has  been  specifically  designed  to address the challenges of field collections operations and the response from the banking and finance community is overwhelmin g. We are committed to digitally disrupting the loan collections space worldwide with our customer-centric, data driven and new age technology solutions.”  

About SarvaGram

SarvaGram is building India’s first household centric, data led ‘high-tech high-touch’ distribution platform to meet the growing  aspirations  of  rural  India,  with  a  bouquet  of  financial  and  productivity  enhancing  offerings.  SarvaGram’s unique distribution platform leverages technology and data to empower a highly nimble on ground presence.

About Credgenics  

Credgenics is a leading provider of loan collections and debt recovery technology solutions for Banks, NBFCs, ARCs & Digital lending firms worldwide.  Credgenics’  SaaS  platform  helps  lenders with end-to-end digitized loan collections through a mix of AI-led digital communications,  litigation  services,  integrated  payments  platform,  and  a  feet-on-street  app  for  collections  agents.  With  Credgenics, lenders have boosted their collections efficiency, enhanced the recovery rates and transformed their customer experiences.