Calling for debt collections

Streamline the calling for debt collections with Credgenics automated and AI-powered calling solution. Adopt a strategic approach for outbound dialling with Machine Learning insights based borrower risk segmentation, live monitoring and agent activity tracking. A holistic optimization of calling for debt collections using state-of-the art auto and predictive dialers ensures higher efficiencies and enhanced borrower connect rates.

Effortlessly manage global and local calling 

Get access to multiple region DIDs
Control agent view using calling permissions and settings
Create dynamic calling dispositions and sub dispositions 
Enable data masking on reports and agent UI
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Reduce agent idle time with AI-powered Predictive Dialer

Maximise agent utilisation and increase connectivity 
Monitor real time calling performance from campaign wallboard
Supervisor empowered to enable transfer, bargain and whisper operations

Calling optimized with ML-based segmentation
and automation

Accelerate calling rates with Auto Dialer

Allocation based calling on loan accounts 
Auto-upload dialling lists from CRM
Bulk dialling and call conferencing
Laptop based calling with no dependence on physical sim-card or dialer
Options to create PTP directly from the dialer

Increase connects with fewest possible churns

Create rules to fetch, filter, assign and manage accounts for calling
Predefine maximum calls dialled per agent
Use AI-enabled calling system to predict the best time to initiate the next call
Make nudges more effective with risk segmentation and intent to pay models

Our Credentials

Micro Finance Company
Active agents per month
Calls per month
Digital Lending Company
Minute talk time per month
 Digital communications sent per month
Credit Card Company
Compliance to industry standards

Benefits of calling module

Instant personalized payment link sharing directly from Credgenics dialer

Superior calling performance with real-time data and performance metrics

Highly customizable calling view for agents 

Secure VOIP Calling with no SIM dependency

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Credgenics’ automated, and cloud-based calling capabilities enable your agents to connect with debtors seamlessly. Credgenics’ platform offers comprehensive calling capabilities to remind debtors of repayments and help them address problems such as payment shortfall.


Case Study

Download this case study to know how Credgenics Collections Analytics enabled the customer to formulate ML-based segments on the borrowers’ intent to pay, and calling agents were assigned accordingly.



Credgenics Predictive Dialer enables automatic
and swift movement of calling agents from one
conversation to the next with minimum idle time. The
solution’s intelligent algorithm reduces the efforts in
connecting agents to customers.



Credgenics predictive dialer solution is an advanced cloud-based calling solution that enables debt collection teams and collection agencies to significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of their borrower calling operations.

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