Debt Collections Technology Platform for Asset Reconstruction Companies


Credgenics debt collections technology platform enables ARCs to manage the recovery of stressed retail assets more efficiently through debt collections strategies powered by unique digital and analytical capabilities. 

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Time saved with automatic reconciliation


Increase in legal process efficiency


Reduction in collections cost


Reduction in time to collect

Automate Trust Settlement flows with Billzy Payments

Credgenics Billzy payments solution allows ARCs to enhance efficiency and automate trust-based settlement processes, providing real-time visibility into loan repayments. The automated reconciliation process ensures precise matching of both sent and received payments.

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Asset Reconstruction Companies
Asset Reconstruction Companies

Boost field collections
with CG Collect 

CG Collect mobile app for integrated field debt collections digitizes entire operations, facilitates faster negotiations for settlements, asset verification, and offers secure digital payments to make debt recovery efforts successful.

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Optimize pre and post-litigation collections & settlements

Credgenics platform facilitates customizable legal process workflows, integrating SARFAESI, other cases, and e-courts for litigation management. It efficiently handles physical and digital legal communications, including real-time tracking and monitoring. The online dispute resolution platform covers arbitration, conciliation, and mediation proceedings through empaneled arbitrators, lawyers, and neutrals. Credgenics also offers robust debt settlement capabilities with tracking and approval features for Feet-On-Street (FoS) and calling teams.

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Asset Reconstruction Companies
Digital technology platform

Enable personalized settlements with cloud-based dialer

Equipped with automated and cloud-based calling for auto and predictive dialers, Credgenics platform streamlines call lists, increases connectivity and ensures comprehensive compliance. 

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Maximize recoveries with Collections Analytics Portfolio Optimization

ARCs benefit from data driven insights provided by Credgenics' Collections Analytics to enhance contactability and resolutions.

Credgenics advanced AI / ML models evaluate communication and channel effectiveness during follow-ups. The platform provides a 360-degree view of loan accounts. Borrowers with a significant risk value within specific segments are given priority for outreach.

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digital technology programm

Accelerate NPA Recovery
with technology and data

Reduced cost of outreach with higher connect rates

Real-time insights with a comprehensive dashboard 

Seamless LMS integration for effortless usage

Simplified approval process for debt settlement

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Frequently Asked Questions

What approaches do Asset Reconstruction Companies use for debt collections?

ARCs utilize a range of approaches, including negotiations, settlements, and legal processes, to recover debts. They may also engage in restructuring the debt, infusing capital, or selling the assets to maximize recovery and minimize losses for both lenders and investors.

What types of debts do Asset Reconstruction Companies typically handle?

ARCs typically handle non-performing loans, stressed assets, and distressed debt. These can include a variety of debts, such as bad loans, overdue payments, and financial assets facing challenges in recovery.

Can ARCs issue legal notices to defaulting borrowers?

ARCs can issue a notice to the defaulting borrowers under Section 13(2) of SARFAESI, informing them of the outstanding debt and providing a 60-day window to repay the dues. This notice serves as a legal prerequisite before taking possession of the secured assets.

How do ARCs collaborate with borrowers for debt recovery?

By adopting a collaborative and empathetic approach, ARCs can work alongside borrowers to find practical solutions, improve repayment prospects, and contribute to the overall success of debt recovery efforts. The ARCs can employ a combination of negotiation, legal mechanisms, asset management, and strategic resolution strategies. This collaborative engagement results in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.

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