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Credgenics CG Collect

Field debt collections revolutionized

Boost operational efficiencies and collections, and enhance team productivity, with mobile-based field debt collections app, designed for retail lending businesses and debt collections agencies.

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Monitor operations in real-time

Track your agents’ collections, remaining balance amount last marked location, and live location and take actions as required effortlessly.

Get complete visibility into the status of loan recovery across the collections cycle. Easily record and supervise collections by specifying the visit status, borrower meeting status, and recoveries. 

Loan Recovery Platform

Mitigate the risk of fraud with secured field debt collections

Checks and balances are embedded in the platform to detect fraud by agents or customers and ensure complete transparency in the workflow. Ascertain accurate recoveries by implementing mandatory verifications for manager approval before final submissions.

Geo-tracking the agent’s live location, and agents’ clock-in and clock-out times to manage work shifts. Mobile no. masking ensures customer privacy.

Loan Recovery Platform

Our Credentials

Micro Finance Company
Field collections end users  
Banks, NBFCs, Fintech Lenders
Digital Lending Company
Reduction in the cost of collections
Increase in agent productivity
Credit Card Company
Increase in collections

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